On the Road - Along Utah Highway 12

Yes, there are some majestic views along our Interstate highways but to really get to places of scenic beauty you have to get off onto the byways and backroads.  County roads, forest service roads, state highways and old US Highways can get us to the best spots.

Utah Highway 12 is a case in point.  It winds 122 miles from the junction with US-89 west of Bryce Canyon National Park to a junction with UT-24 in Torrey, UT just seven miles west of Capitol Reef National Park.  I could spend several days exploring southern Utah along this beautiful highway. 

You can find useful information about Highway 12 and nearby scenic byways and areas at http://www.scenicbyway12.com.

Red Canyon Sunset


Powell Point

UT-12 Winding Across The Escalante Canyons