On the Road - The Burr Trail

Traveling down Utah 12 it's approaching 1 PM, lousy time for photography we decide on a lunch stop at the next place that presents itself.  UT 12 takes a right hand left turn to the north as we arrive in Boulder, UT and we see the Burr Trail Grill right on the corner.

This is a stroke of luck for two reasons.  First, the Burr Trail Grill has some incredibly good food and friendly service.  One reviewer on Yelp wanted to give it 500 stars.  Mary and I split a sandwich and an order of fried green tomatoes.  Turned out to be one of our best meals on the trip!

Oh, the other bit of luck.  I asked our server about the Burr Trail, which heads east then south from the turn on UT 12.  She told us that it was paved for about 19 miles after which it was a dirt road beginning at Capitol Reef National Park and continued another 40 miles down to Glen Canyon.  Oh yeah, and there was a cute little crack in the rock about 11 miles south of town.

The cute little crack in the rock turned out to be a spectacular little slot canyon, well worth the detour from our days route to Moab.  Even better, this was a slot canyon without an entrance fee, native guides or other people!

Traveling The Burr Trail

Long Canyon

Lets Explore Behind That Tree

Slot Canyon!

Hidden Gem

Magic Light