On the Road - Meeting Up With Old Friends

After our whirlwind trip passing through five national parks in four days we reached Avon, Colorado where we were staying in a vacation timeshare with good friends Mike and Barb.  Mary knew Mike when they were both in primary school although I did't meet him until 7th grade.  We made Barb's acquaintence a bit later, formed a solid friendship and thoroughly enjoy spending vacation time with the two of them.

Staying in one place for the next six days let us unpack our bags and downshift to a more relaxed pace.  We still made day trips from Avon, some near and some far.  Mike and I took turns driving for these excursions.

We thouroghly enjoyed sharing the adventure with friends!

Two Happy Travelers

Partners in Crime

Skilift Gondola Ride



Riding Back Down To Vail