On the Road - Street Photography in Vail, CO

I try my hand at many different types of photography.  I love landscapes, macros, candid family shots and abstract photography.  I enjoy photo outings with other PHOTOGS (Photographers Tulsa Oklahoma Group) which gives us a lot of opportunities to try new things.

This year I've challenged myself to try street photography and overcome the challenge of photographing people I don't know in interesting situations.  It's one thing to pick up a camera and take a photo of a family member or friend, It's pretty intimidating to point my lens at someone I don't know and try to get an interesting composition.

Masters of street photography try to catch a decisive moment, intriguing gesture or interaction among people.  Good street photography images catch your eye and tell a story.  It may bring a smile or evoke an emotion.

I've tried different approaches from wandering busy shopping districts and parks to  parking myself on a bench to wait for things to develop.  Just as in most photography I've found that paying attention to the background and trying to simplify the image are key elements of success.

Our recent visit in Vail, Colorado provided a good opportunity for street photography when the four of us settled on a bench in Lionshead Village, listening to some live jazz and soaking up the ambiance.  When the ladies left to explore the shops I pulled out my camera and was able to catch the following images.

Good Boy!

Sharing Dog Stories

Resting Her Dogs

Waiting for Her Guy

He's Not With Us!