Preparing For A Photography Critique

After taking a few deep breaths I accepted an invitation to participate in a photography critique at the Great Smoky Mountain Mountains Photography Summit next week in Townsend, Tennessee.  I'm a critique-ee rather than a critique-er.  Don't know yet who will be in that role, but the workshop has engaged some of the biggest names in wildlife and landscape photography.

I expect the exercise to provide a frank assessment of my photographic skills and give me some direction for improvement.  Either that or they will tell me where I can sell my gear.

Selecting ten images for a portfolio is a tough process.  Photos I was proud of five or six years ago seem pretty lame now although a few made my final cut.  And some recent ones didn't seem so good upon closer examination.  I found the need for some additional post-processing for many of them before ordering prints from mPix.  Those prints should arrive later today and I have my fingers crossed to see how they turn out.

Anyway, I thought I would share a few from my final selection that don't otherwise appear on this site.

Taken six years ago on a trip to Ireland.  I like the simplicity and mood in this.

Taken on the same trip to Ireland.  Sometimes we get lucky.  Rainbow over the lakes of Killarney as seen from Ladies View.

Autumn along the Rio Grande in northern New Mexico.

Jökulsárlón - glacial lagoon in Iceland.