Christmas Cards 2015

I spent time yesterday searching through my Lightroom catalog for some appropriate photos for this years Christmas cards.  This was done of course after several days of spousal requests.  Putting up Christmas lights and ordering cards from Mpix filled a couple of items on the honey-do list yesterday.

The Christmas Card project started with searching keywords or other text in the Lightroom catalog to find photos that might be useful.  I used keywords like "Christmas", "Winter", "Snow" and "Ice" in my search and also did a text search on titles and descriptions to get an initial selection of photos.  I then added them to a new collection "2015 Christmas Card", did some further sorting and tweaked some post processing before uploading five to Mpix.  I made my final pick after trying them with various card templates on the Mpix site.

A project like this really makes me appreciate the value of adding keywords and ratings to my photos after a photo outing.  I often add titles and descriptions to photos I've selected for post processing and posted to flickr, Facebook or otherwise used.  I have spent countless hours adding keywords long after the fact but it proves very useful when trying to find a specific photo or type of photo.

Here is the selection of finalists for this years card.